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AM Wall Anchor & Water Proofing Blog Article:

Home Repair in the Winter

Front view of a suburban home after snowfall

As your foundation repair and waterproofing experts, you need to understand the importance of winter home repair. As temperatures drop, all you want to do is enjoy the warmth of your cozy home, not have contractors traipsing through the house and banging around. That’s why we take so much extra care when we’re working with a client on basement waterproofing, foundation repair, or installing more effective drainage during the winter months. We’ve built our trusted reputation on both the results of our work and the respect we show our clients, and that includes making sure we protect your home, personal property, and valuable time when we earn your business.

Professional Foundation and Basement Experts

Winter home repair disrupts your day-to-day routine, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be managed quickly, efficiently, and respectfully. From the first time you call to schedule your free home inspection until the job is done and your property is protected, we center the process on the needs of our customers.

We Believe Your Time is Important

The idea of a contractor scheduling your visit and keeping that schedule shouldn’t be revolutionary, but we’ve all been there–waiting and watching the clock tick by tick. We show up when you’re expecting us, work to give you a realistic expectation of the time needed for repairs, mitigation, or basement waterproofing, and work around your schedule to minimize the time you’re called away from work, parenting, or social responsibilities while we get the job done.

We Get It Right the First Time

Man inspecting a crawl space with a flashlight

When we inspect your property, we use our years of experience, specialized tools, and attention to detail to understand the specific risks facing your property, any potential damage already done, and the best way to repair and protect your home moving forward. Then we give you a written estimate that lays out your options so you can make the best decision possible about your home.

We Protect Your Home and Property

Foundation repair work can be dry, dusty, wet, muddy, or all of the above. That’s why we work to minimize the mess of winter home repair by covering your personal property with plastic sheeting, using drop cloths around crawlspace entrances, and cleaning up after the job is done. We strive to clear away debris and leave your home in the condition we found it in. We even return your furniture to its proper position and plug in any appliances we have to move during the process.

We Work Efficiently

Efficiency is important, both in the work we do and in your home energy costs. Our crew strives to limit the trips in and out of your home, maintaining the warmth in your home and ensuring we have everything we need at hand to get the job done. This means the job gets finished quicker, and you have your home’s integrity and your privacy back as soon as possible.  

We Use American Parts Backed by American Work Ethic

You will always get our best. We use parts made in the USA, install them professionally, and back them with a guarantee of our workmanship. If something goes wrong, give us a call. We will work to make it right.

Get Your Free Winter Home Repair and Waterproofing Inspection

Whether you’ve noticed damage in your basement, need basement waterproofing, or want to take the first steps toward protecting your home’s foundation, we’re ready to help. Scheduling a free inspection brings an expert into your home to find the best options for repair and protection tailored to your needs. Don’t wait. Get your free quote from the foundation experts at A.M. Wall Anchor & Waterproofing today.

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