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Foundation Repair

If you have a foundation crack that needs to be repaired, don’t delay in calling a professional for help. If left unattended, the potential for significant damage and the cost for repairs will increase! A.M. offers a lifetime warranty on all work completed. Let us schedule your free inspection today.

The Basement

Are you experiencing a cracked foundation?

There are a couple of tell-tale signs that your property is in need of foundation repair. Commonly seen issues are cracks in your ceiling, floor, or walls. You also might notice you’re having a tough time closing windows or doors. This can occur anywhere in your house, not just in your basement! Make sure to routinely examine all of these and if you see anything that resembles the images below, reach out to our team. We can schedule a free inspection and discuss our findings along with the proposed fix and get right to work. 

Why Do I Need to Repair a Foundation Crack?

The most important reason to consider contacting a professional to examine your cracked foundation is that if left as-is, you could potentially need to replace your foundation altogether. Your entire house literally relies on a solid foundation to remain intact! Replacing a foundation is a much more costly and labor intensive process, and to be honest it doesn’t actually address the common cause for the initial foundation issues anyhow. If we’re able to address the foundation issues at onset, it’s more cost effective for you, and it’s typically a relatively simple repair. 

Whether it’s an issue or leak in your crawl space, bowing or cracked walls, or even something as small as clogged gutters, you’ll want a professional to address the situation.

Wall anchors were created to alleviate the pressure caused by any of these scenarios, and help stabilize your basement walls permanently! They’ve been recognized as the most effective solution to resolve foundation cracks, bowing or buckling. It’s important to address this early on though, to avoid needing much more significant (and expensive) work to be done to your home later on.

Foundation Repair Process

Every A.M. project begins with a free inspection of your home. Once you’ve submitted your contact form or reached out to us directly, we’ll set up an inspection to review all areas of concern on your property. We’ll create an in depth estimate of work needed, including a quote on time and cost for the project.

Because no two homes are the same, the actual work process will depend on what is required to fix your specific issue. Traditionally, we can have all foundation repair work completed within a week. Between our experience and the advanced technology our team uses, your home will be back to normal in no time.

Once they’ve completed a full inspection, they’ll review their findings with you and provide you with a project estimate. This will include the amount of time needed to complete the wall anchor installation, as well as a quote on cost for completion. Any questions you have will be answered, and once you’re ready to move forward we’ll schedule installation day.

On installation day, we’ll start by digging a hole into the soil surrounding your home and placing an anchor down into the soil. We then drill a small hole in your basement walls and connect a steel rod through this hole, to the anchor we placed in the soil. On the interior of the basement, we’ll install a wall plate that will also connect to the steel rod securely. Once this is complete, we’ll re-sod the area outside of your home that we dug up, and our job is done!

Lifetime Warranty

With any project completed by A.M., we want you to feel confident in your investment so we’re proud to offer a lifetime warranty.  While regular routine maintenance will likely be needed to avoid any future issues, if you have any questions or need assistance, we’re happy to help.

If you’d like to read additional resources on foundation or basement issues, head over to our resource center, where we’ve compiled quite a bit of informative material to help you better understand our specialty. If you’re ready to get started today, reach out to us here so we can discuss next steps! We look forward to resolving all of your foundation issues. 

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