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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team specializes in wall anchors, foundation repair, drainage, basement waterproofing, and more. If you’re experiencing any issues with your basement or home foundation, give us a call and our professional team will be happy to assist you further.

We service all of Western Pennsylvania

  • Counties: Butler, Beaver, Allegheny, Westmoreland, Armstrong, Indiana, Venango, Clarion, Fayette, Washington, Greene, Mercer, Crawford, Lawrence, Erie, Somerset, Jefferson, Warren 

Yes! We are licensed & insured in the state of Pennsylvania

There are only a few municipalities in Western PA that require a permit for us to begin work. Once you contact us and we discuss your location & needs, we can help you through every step of the permit process, if need be.

Our reviews and credentials say it all. Not only are we licensed and insured, we’re an honest, transparent, and reliable company that you can trust. We take pride in our team’s dedication to getting the job done right & building a reputable long-term relationship with our clients.

We do not pressure the homeowner into having unnecessary work done in an effort to be honest and helpful. Our work is priced by the linear foot, and some houses only have a small section of the basement that leaks. In this case, we can install 10 linear feet of interior French drain and a sump pump, rather than doing the entire basement but some houses definitely need all exterior walls treated.

  • Interior drains cost between $40-$70 per linear foot depending on layout, labor costs, etc.
  • Sump pumps cost $800 installed for a basic unit, up to $1,800 for a battery backup.
  • Wall anchors run between $650-$850. This is again dependent on layout and labor costs, not to mention the supplies being used are made in the USA and are much higher quality than our competition.

We have credit card processing available, but we also offer financing if necessary through Dollar Bank.

Depending on the time of year, we’re typically able to begin work within 2-3 weeks. We will confirm our time estimate on your project specifically once we’ve completed our free inspection.

The project timeline will depend on the size of the job. For reference, under normal circumstances we’re able to install 40 linear feet of Interior French Drain and 1 Sump Pump in one working day.

There are a few standard practices that should be followed regularly to avoid serious basement or foundation issues:

  • Cleaning your rain gutters - At least seasonally, but more often if you notice them getting clogged frequently
  • Check the grading (leveling) around your house - It’s important to have positive grading. This means that water is flowing away from your house, instead of negative grading, where it’s flowing towards your house. If you notice any puddling after a rainstorm, that indicates that there might be a grading issue (and potential for basement damage).
  • Make sure to maintain the sump pump regularly. For more detail on that, head to our blog on How to Maintenance a Sump Pump

You can submit a contact form with detailed information letting us know about your issue, and we’ll be in touch with you within one business day, or if there’s an urgent issue that you need addressed, you can give us a call directly at (724) 712-6133 so we can schedule your free inspection.

Leaving a minor crack or leak in your basement unaddressed could lead to much larger issues in the future, inclusive of needing to potentially replace your foundation. Though it might seem inconvenient or aggravating to deal with now, like many things, it’s better to address the issues rather than risk bigger headaches & more expensive projects down the line.

If you notice leaks or issues in your basement and it’s completely finished, fear not! Our team is able to make repairs without destroying your hard work or investment. You’ll want to schedule your free inspection so we can examine the work that needs to be done, and then we can discuss with you how it might impact your existing basement, if at all.

The primary (and most likely) contributor to a leaky basement or foundation issues is the soil composition. The soil immediately surrounding your home is more porous, allowing it to collect an excessive amount of water and swell, but it can also dry up and shrink. This instability in drainage is what eventually leads to a variety of home foundation issues, caused by your walls flexing.

If you see a visible crack in your basement or foundation, we highly recommend getting in touch with us so we can review the situation. Any minor cracks can usually just be sealed and watched over time, but larger, visible cracks anywhere in your basement should be investigated to ensure the proper repairs are completed.

If you’re seeing any sign of moisture in your basement, you should get in touch with a professional to analyze the potential issues you might be facing. Signs of moisture could be water puddles, small amounts of water seeping through the floor or walls, the smell of mold or mildew, etc.

Most projects take less than a week, but some are also large enough to take more time. Most importantly, we are respectful of your home and time during the process.

Don't let that small problem destroy your investment!

Just send in some small details and we’ll get back to you quickly!  Protect your home and rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are safe! 

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