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Downspout Drainage & Rain Conductors

If you’re having downspout drainage issues, your home’s foundation could be in danger. While gutters and rain conductors are supposed to corral rain, manage its flow, then channel it away from the home, aging or improperly installed rain conductors can instead leave the ground around your house soggy and boggy. If not properly managed, this water can lead to foundation problems. Downspout drainage solutions manage this water flow, directing it away from the foundation to prevent damage. 

The Waterproofing

The Dangers Of Bad Drainage

When a rain conductor doesn’t do its job of channeling water away from your home, that water lingers, soaking the soil and increasing the moisture content. That increases the weight pushing against your basement walls and leaves water in a position to flood in through cracks and holes in your basement or crawlspace. The swollen soil that’s started to bow your walls eventually dries, leaving voids and spaces that make flooding easier next time there’s a big rain. That means the effects of poor drainage are cumulative, leading to escalating issues the longer they go without being properly addressed.

Downspout Drainage Solutions

Proper downspout drainage doesn’t let water accumulate around your home’s foundation. It gathers it, moving it away and leaving your home safe. Every home is unique, and our trained team of waterproofing experts will work to develop a detailed plan that protects your home and addresses any existing foundation damage. This can include proper grading, french drains that gather the water to move it away from the home, and the installation of rain conductors. Drainage should carry the water at least ten feet from your home, and professionally installed extensions can move that water under the surface of your yard, leaving your home properly protected from water damage while maintaining its beauty. If poor downspout drainage has already damaged your property, our experts can assess the damage, help you understand your foundation repair options, and restore your foundation’s integrity. 

In most basement waterproofing projects we’ve worked on, this process can be done in three straightforward steps:

  • First, it’s important to soak up and clear out all water and moisture. This is done in most cases by utilizing a french drain and sump pump. Both of these work in conjunction to collect and drain out all water from your basement area.
  • Once we’ve cleared all moisture out of the area, it’s best to seal the walls and floors. Depending on whether your basement is finished or not, we can recommend the best route to get this accomplished without affecting the aesthetic.
  • Last but not least, we always recommend an air purifying or dehumidifying product that will help avoid mold and dampness in the future

Once our basement waterproofing work is complete, we’ll review all steps with you to ensure you’re satisfied with the project, and answer any additional questions you may have.

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When you schedule your no-cost, no-obligation inspection, you’ll get a visit from a local expert whose trained eye has helped protect hundreds of area homes. They’ll take a look at your property, inside and out, to look for both existing damage and risks that could lead to future issues. Once they’ve completed their inspection, you’ll get a written estimate that offers you real options so you can make an informed decision about your home’s drainage. We stand behind our work and proudly use American parts that you can rely on. Contact A.M. Wall Anchor & Waterproofing for better downspout drainage solutions today.

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