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Wall Anchor Installation

Wall anchors provide ultimate stability if you’re experiencing any issues with cracked or bowing walls in your basement. This is a quick, yet permanent resolution to correct a potentially disastrous issue with your home. Even better, your home & yard will not be affected at all by the wall anchor installation!

The Basement

Do any of these basement walls look familiar?

If you notice any signs of your basement walls cracking, buckling, or bowing as you see in these photos, you’ll want to get in contact with a professional quickly. Wall anchors are likely the proper solution, but our team of professionals can inspect the area and determine the best steps to move forward.

Why Do I Need Wall Anchors?

Not many homeowners realize this, but especially in the Northeast, the soil around your home is extremely porous, which causes it to expand and contract due to weather variations throughout the year. Over time, this activity will lead to the walls in your basement bowing or cracking because they can’t keep up with the pressure being created. We’ve also seen basement wall issues caused by larger tree roots or poor grading around homes.

Wall anchors were created to alleviate the pressure caused by any of these scenarios, and help stabilize your basement walls permanently! They’ve been recognized as the most effective solution to resolve foundation cracks, bowing or buckling. It’s important to address this early on though, to avoid needing much more significant (and expensive) work to be done to your home later on.

Wall Anchor Installation Process

The wall anchor installation process is actually fairly simple! Once you’ve reached out to us to schedule your free inspection & quote, someone from our professional team will come out to your property and analyze the existing damage. 

Once they’ve completed a full inspection, they’ll review their findings with you and provide you with a project estimate. This will include the amount of time needed to complete the wall anchor installation, as well as a quote on cost for completion. Any questions you have will be answered, and once you’re ready to move forward we’ll schedule installation day.

On installation day, we’ll start by digging a hole into the soil surrounding your home and placing an anchor down into the soil. We then drill a small hole in your basement walls and connect a steel rod through this hole, to the anchor we placed in the soil. On the interior of the basement, we’ll install a wall plate that will also connect to the steel rod securely. Once this is complete, we’ll re-sod the area outside of your home that we dug up, and our job is done!

Wall Anchor Warranty

As with all of our work, the wall anchors will come with a lifetime warranty. While it’s not expected, if you ever run into issues or have any questions post-installation, we’re here to help. Any adjustments needed? We’ve got you covered. There’s no need to lose sleep on this daunting basement project any longer! Give A.M. a call and let us restore your basement.

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