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Have you noticed any issues in your basement? If so, you've come to the right place. With nearly two decades of experience, A.M. Wall Anchor & Waterproofing is your one stop solution for all of your basement needs. We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in the construction industry, with over 20 years under our belt.

Experts in the Industry

There’s no reason for you to stress over the complex issues you’re facing with your home; Leave it to the professionals. Our team has seen it all in the 20 years we’ve been working on Basement Waterproofing & Basement Wall Anchor Installations. We’re eager to help you solve your home problems and rest easy at night.

Honest & Transparent Free Inspection

We’ll come out to your home and provide a thorough, free inspection to determine exactly what the problem is with your basement or foundation. Then we’ll sit with you and review our suggestions, projected timeline as well as cost for work. We will only move forward once all of your questions have been answered.

All Products & Parts Made in the US

We’re proud to say that all of our products and parts are made right here in the USA. Our basement wall anchors are fabricated right here in PA by a local partner! Having all of our products made in the US allows us to avoid project delays that may occur with shipping parts from overseas.

Lifetime Warranty on All Projects

Our friendly & knowledgeable technicians are here to make sure that you understand the work being completed on your home, why it’s needed, and most importantly, that you’re satisfied with the project from start to finish. We offer a lifetime warranty on all work that we complete to ensure your satisfaction!

What Do We Do?

Wall Anchor Installation

Basement Wall Anchors are our specialty – We’ve been serving the Western PA area for nearly a decade. We’ve got the industry’s best products to ensure your basement walls are stabilized, and any potential safety issues or structural damage can be a thing of the past. Click to read more about our wall anchor installation process.

Basement Waterproofing

Whether you have a wet basement or you’re looking to protect your basement from potential water damage, our team will work with you to determine the best long-term basement waterproofing solution for your home. This process is not one size fits all, so it’s important to have a thorough inspection on your home.

Foundation Repair

Home foundation repair is often necessary over time. It’s normal to see cracks in your foundation or your walls, but it’s also crucial to have these repaired quickly. If ignored, these cracks could lead to expensive (and potentially dangerous) results. Our expert team will complete the home foundation repairs necessary to avoid complications & future headaches

We Are The
Basement Specialists

We’ve got all of the expertise & tools necessary to ensure any foundational failure or basement issues can be repaired. Whether you need wall anchors, drainage repair, or complete waterproofing services, A.M. Wall Anchors & Waterproofing is a company you can trust. Our client testimonials speak for themselves. Make the right choice when it comes to protecting your property and investment. Call us today to set up your free inspection!


Give us a call or submit a contact form so we can get in touch & discuss the services needed


We’ll work with you to determine the soonest available time to have our specialist come out and complete the free inspection on your property


Once we’ve reviewed your property, we’ll provide you with a quote on the work that needs to be completed, along with a time and cost estimate. Once all of your questions have been answered and you’re ready to get started, we’ll get to work!


Not only does A.M. use the highest quality materials, all made in the USA, we stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty. Whether you’ve had basement wall anchors installed, or our expert team has repaired your crawl space or drainage, every single job is guaranteed for a lifetime. Just give us a call and we’ll discuss next steps for your particular project.


Our basement waterproofing & basement wall anchor project quality is top notch, and we’re proud to showcase our specialty. Read some of our client testimonials to see why we can guarantee satisfaction on any project, then take a look at some of our completed projects. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to request more information on our services! We look forward to serving you.

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