How To Winterize Your Home

two story home covered in snow after a snowstorm

Learn more about why it’s important to take the proper steps to make sure your home is winterized so you can avoid costly repair bills and the inconveniences that come with property damage from winter storms.

5 Signs Your Backyard Needs Better Drainage

There are many things around the house that require regular cleaning or maintenance to uphold your property’s value. One thing that homeowners often overlook is their drainage system. Without a proper drainage system, over time you’ll start to notice different areas of your home changing, and this could eventually lead to very costly repairs. Read […]

How to Maintenance a Sump Pump

sump pump installed in existing basement

Similar to any appliance in the home, a basement sump pump requires routine maintenance to ensure it’s properly functioning when you need it most. While homeowners don’t traditionally need to use a sump pump often, it could save you thousands of dollars in repairs in the event of a harsh storm or heavy snowfall. Read […]

What Causes a Basement Leak?

Home repairs are often inconvenient and expensive – not something a homeowner is typically excited to deal with, so they end up putting it on the backburner. However, there are some repairs that are more urgent than others. A leak in the basement, while common, is unfortunately not something that can or should be ignored. […]

Why Basement Mold Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Have you ever experienced headaches, stuffiness, or typical allergy symptoms while in your basement, but feel perfectly fine once you’ve left the area? If so, these are signs of mold in your house that should not be ignored. Unfortunately, mold is caused by a number of things, and can quickly grow to create unsafe conditions […]