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AM Wall Anchor & Water Proofing Blog Article:

Reasons to Avoid DIY Basement Waterproofing

construction of a residential home basement

DIY basement waterproofing is a popular topic among homeowners looking to improve their property where they can while saving a few bucks. Waterproofing basement walls is an important step in protecting your home from damage, and should be revisited frequently for any signs that maintenance or remediation is needed. As some of these homeowners have found out themselves, unfortunately, the cost of making this a DIY task can run high, even costing you your entire home. When your basement needs waterproofing, you should always call a professional.

What Is Basement Waterproofing?

One place DIY basement waterproofing often goes wrong is assuming that waterproofing is a one-size-fits-all spray it and forget it process. Basement waterproofing goes beyond just waterproofing basement walls. It involves a full inspection, management of any existing seepage, developing a comprehensive plan of action, treating the walls and floors, and installing moisture and air quality systems to make sure your basement stays strong and dry while providing a safe, healthy area of your home. It is a process based on the latest building science, techniques, and experience, which most DIY enthusiasts will not have full access to.

Dangers Of Basement Waterproofing Done Wrong

 basement showing process of waterproofing

DIY basement waterproofing can be done properly, but we see the horror stories far more often. While many homeowners regard their basement as little used, it frequently serves as storage, shelter in the case of emergencies, a laundry room, or accessory space as needed. The basement maintenance of your home is more important than you may realize. 

  • Structural Damage – As the lowest point in your home, basement health is tied closely to the health of the foundation your home is built on. Improper waterproofing not only opens you up to an increased risk of cracks in your foundation, but it fails to address existing water damage that could be addressed before it has a chance to worsen.
  • Mold – One of the most dangerous and common health hazards faced by a homeowner after water damage is mold. Once mold forms and begins to spread, the spores it releases permeate the air, potentially causing respiratory distress and other complications. DIY basement waterproofing done wrong leaves you open to water infiltration that can let mold get a foothold that is hard to eliminate.
  • Water Damage to Property – Even if your structure survives, furniture, boxes, or other possessions stored in the basement may not. While basement walls with improper waterproofing may seem to let water in quickly, the water seldom goes down at the same rate. Standing water can destroy the precious memories you have stored, ruin the appliances you’ve invested in, and leave your basement a dank, moldering mess.
  • Cost for more frequent maintenance – Even if you avoid disaster, DIY basement waterproofing may require more frequent inspections and upkeep. Different techniques and materials can lead to a difference in the extent and longevity of results. Over time, the cost of reapplication can outpace what properly applied basement wall waterproofing would have cost from a professional. 
  • Remediation Costs – There is an old saying that it costs more to do something right the second time than to do it right the first time. This is absolutely true with basement waterproofing. While damage to your home, property, and family’s health is expensive enough, repairing the damage and then paying to have the job done properly can more than just double what your initial costs would have been. 

Waterproofing Your Basement The Right Way

It’s easy to start the process of getting your basement waterproofed by experienced professionals and it’s at no cost to you. Our experts will set an appointment to come to take a look at your basement, examine any existing damage, and put together a tailored plan of action to get your basement in shape and protected against moisture. We’ll talk to you about potential costs, options, and the choices you have moving forward because we know how much you value transparency.

We use American-made materials to make sure we’re waterproofing basement walls and floors to the latest industry standards, then go above and beyond with the installation of proactive systems to help keep moisture down and the air in your basement cleaner. We offer a lifetime warranty on our work so you know you are getting a service that we will stand behind. 

Get Started Today

Now is the time to call and schedule your no-cost, no-obligation inspection so you can have a waterproofed basement that is safer for your property and family. Get the job done right the first time and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with professional service. Contact A.M Wall Anchor & Waterproofing today.

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