Ice Dam Identification, Removal, and Prevention

Ice dam formation on a residential home

Ice dams can put your home’s roof, interior, and foundation in jeopardy. Learn how to identify these dangers, prevent them from occurring, and the safest ice dam removal options for you and your home. Get the basement protection your property needs from the experienced pros at A.M. Wall Anchor & Waterproofing.

The Importance of Winter Basement Maintenance

finished basement living room area with a couch, desk, and furniture

Winter home maintenance protects your foundation from damage as temperatures drop. While basement waterproofing is a great start, there are more steps you can take to keep your home safer. Request your free inspection and estimate from the pros at A.M. Wall Anchor & Waterproofing today.

Signs of Mine Subsidence on Your Land

suburban home front yard

Mine subsidence can put your home in jeopardy. As the land beneath your property shifts, it creates incredible stresses that can lead to high repair bills. Learn how to spot the signs of mine subsidence damage and protect your property with the pros at A.M. Wall Anchor & Waterproofing.

Seasonal Maintenance Guide to Protect Your Crawl Space or Basement

finished basement laundry area

Seasonal basement and crawl space maintenance help protect your home’s foundation by preparing it for the colder months and giving you a chance to spot and address existing issues. From basement cleaning to minor upkeep, we have the tips you need for better foundation help. Schedule your inspection with AM Waterproofing & Wall Anchor today.

Basement Bugs? Tips for Summertime Pest Control

unfinished residential basement

Learn about the types of basement bugs that could try to make a home in your property, the problems they can cause, and what steps you can take to get rid of them. Basement pest control starts with ensuring the integrity of your basement. Find out more details from our expert team of basement specialists.

A Guide to Different Types of Basement Floor Drains

Having the right type of basement floor drain keeps your basement dryer, protecting your home, property, and family’s health. Learn more about basement drainage systems and how to choose the right one for your needs. Call for your no-cost, no-obligation inspection from a waterproofing professional with A.M. Wall Anchor & Waterproofing today.

Basement Floor Cracks: Causes & Solutions

mold spreading in basement floor & wall

Basement floor cracks put your home and your family’s health in jeopardy, but you don’t have to give up. With the professional repair of cracks in basement floors and walls, you can prevent further damage and restore your basement’s integrity. COntact AM Wall Anchor & Waterproofing for a free inspection today.

Crawl Space Vents: Open Or Closed For The Winter?

crawl space opening

Find out whether crawl space vents should be open or closed and whether crawl space encapsulation is right for you. Cold air and moisture under your home can damage your property and run up your heating bill. Schedule a free estimate from the experts at AM Wall Anchor & Waterproofing today.

Tips To Reduce Crawl Space Humidity

Crawl space humidity can grow from an inconvenience to a big problem, in part because many homeowners don’t understand the importance of maintaining their crawl space. Your crawl space plays a vital role in the health of your foundation and floors, which means the entire house could be affected by the damage. Crawl space repair […]

How Basement Wall Anchors Can Save Your Home | A.M. Wall Anchors & Waterproofing

Basement wall anchors can restore the integrity of your home’s foundation, preventing further damage and potentially fixing existing damage that threatens your home. Foundation issues can open your home to increased risk of flooding and structural failure. By acting quickly to stabilize your home, you’re creating a safer environment for your family and protecting your […]