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AM Wall Anchor & Water Proofing Blog Article:

A.M.’s Top Basement Dehumidifier Picks

basement dehumidifier with a mop and bucket

Homeowners with a basement should know that owning a dehumidifier is practically essential. Dehumidifiers are a pretty inexpensive way to try and ensure your basement or crawl space avoids moisture issues. While some homeowners know this is important, choosing the right dehumidifier for your basement is not always an easy task. Read on for our breakdown of a couple of important facts about dehumidifiers and then see our picks for best basement dehumidifier!

What is a dehumidifier?

So what’s the purpose of a dehumidifier, anyway? While humidity is good for our overall health, among many other things, too much of it in our homes or workspaces can be a bad thing. Simply put, the dehumidifier was created to remove excess moisture in the air to keep our homes healthy. 

How does this little machine manage to remove the moisture in any given area? The dehumidifying process actually starts by sucking in warm air currents, which contracts as it’s fed into refrigerated coils that are built into the machine. What we’re left with is condensation which collects in the storage tank of the dehumidifier.

Most dehumidifiers come with controls to automate the process, which makes it easy for you to just set it up and let it go to work. They only hold a certain amount of water in their storage tank, though, so there is maintenance required depending on the size of the machine that you buy. 

Why is a basement dehumidifier needed?

Too much humidity, especially in your basement, can lead to serious mold issues. High humidity levels are actually said to be the biggest contributor to mold growth in the home, which is why it’s so important to maintain the right humidity levels regularly. Once mold growth becomes out of control in the home, it can be very costly to treat the affected areas. This is where a basement dehumidifier comes in handy. 

The standard relative humidity level for basements and crawl spaces is about 50% or under, so you can easily set your basement dehumidifier to this level and have peace of mind knowing that you’re avoiding a much larger repair bill down the line.

When do I know it’s time to get a dehumidifier?

We generally recommend all homeowners have a basement dehumidifier to maintain proper humidity levels year round. In some more urgent instances, we’ll recommend a basement dehumidifier to anyone who notices water leaking or smells a damp scent in the area. The water leak is something you’ll want to call a professional to take a look at immediately, but you can take preventative measures by turning your dehumidifier on to get rid of that excess moisture.

Many people also decide to purchase a dehumidifier to help with severe allergies or respiratory issues.

Where should I place my dehumidifier?

You don’t need to position your basement dehumidifier anywhere specific, unless you do have a targeted area of concern. These machines were designed to be effective in small, medium, or large areas, depending on the size of the dehumidifier you purchase. We’d recommend just placing it in the center of the room, as that will help achieve optimal air flow.

The Best Basement Dehumidifiers 

Now that we’ve covered the basics to give you a better idea of why dehumidifiers are useful, and oftentimes necessary in the home, let’s break down A.M.’s choices for the best basement dehumidifiers. We have experience with a number of brands and models, so we want to make sure you’re making the best choice for your home & the longevity of your investment.

  1. hOmelabs 4500 – This dehumidifier has a 1.8 gallon tank and is perfect for large areas (ranging from 3,000 – 4,500 sq ft.), but the good news is that this model comes in three different sizes. If you need something smaller just for your basement, we’d suggest the 1500. It’s super simple to use and is modern looking so it won’t be an eyesore in the room!

  1. LG PuriCare 50 Pint – As its name suggests, this basement dehumidifier can carry up to 50 pints and covers up to a 2,000 sq. ft. area. While it’s also modern looking, it comes with a number of great features to leave the guesswork out of this process. It has auto humidity control, auto shut off, and even has an airflow blockage alarm. The safety features on this machine just can’t be beat! It’s priced a little higher than average, but worth it for all of the perks it comes with.

  1. GE 45-pint Humidifier w/ Built In Pump – This GE dehumidifier is a great pick for larger spaces, and comes with a lot of useful features as well. It’s sleek look includes LED controls, it has sturdy pocket handles and wheels that make it easy to empty the bucket, and best of all it comes with a built in pump. It removes up to 45 pints per day and has 3 speeds. While it’s priced just over $200, it’s worth every penny for peace of mind.

  1. Frigidaire 30 Pint Effortless Humidity Control – Perfect for smaller basements or living areas, this dehumidifier still comes with all of the desired features and is priced just a bit lower! It holds up to 30 pints per day and is energy & money saving with it’s low temperature operation. It also comes with electronic controls and auto shut off! This Frigidaire has a space conscious design and easy to use handles & caster wheels.

  1. Honeywell Energy Star 30-Pint – This 30 pint dehumidifier is also great for smaller rooms, but it does come in 50 pint if you have a larger area that you’ll be using this for. Priced just under $250, this comes with a digital humidistat to maintain desired humidity levels, and has a continuous drain option that is convenient. It’s lightweight and designed for portability in the home!

Make an Informed Decision

We know that home improvement choices aren’t always the easiest, so our goal is to equip you with enough information to find the right dehumidifier for your basement! There are so many choices and features available today, so it’s wise to be making an informed decision. If you have any additional questions, you’re more than welcome to send us a message here, or check out our resource center for more information!

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